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KS-S300-ST 200/300mm Single-wafer wet stripper

KS-S300-ST targets photoresist and metal stripping processes in advanced packaging application. It can be equipped with tank type soaking unit, high-pressure jet or two-fluid spray stripping unit, cleaning and drying unit and other process modules to meet a wide range of requirements for the removal of different kinds and various thickness of positive and negative photoresist, and metal materials. To help customers to reduce CoO, KS-S300-ST supports chemical recovery and reuse by recirculation filtration of the expensive chemicals, it also provides high efficiency metal recovery.

1. Combination of tank type immersion and single-wafer spin processing to improve throughput
2. High pressure jet or two-fluid spray to ensure complete removal of photoresist
3. Substrates dry-in and wet-transfer and dry-out
4. Chemical recovery, recirculation, filtration ,and reuse,reducing CoO
5. Precious metal recycling


● Photoresist removal process and mask cleaning for advanced packaging
● Photoresist removal and post-evaporation metal stripping for OLED manufacturing