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Founded in 2002, KINGSEMI Co. Ltd. is a national high-tech company started from Shenyang Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. We specialize in the research and development, production, sales and service of semiconductor fabrication equipment, and we are fully committed to providing customers with integrated solutions for semiconductor equipment and process technologies.
Kingsemi is located in Hunnan High-tech Industrial Development District, Shenyang. With a campus of 40,000 square meters, it has professional laboratories for semiconductor fabrication process development and verification; also on site is our complete manufacturing facility for semiconductor equipment. Through years of technology build-up, innovation and improvement, KINGSEMI has gradually built up our own independent portfolio of intellectual property with more than 237 authorized patents. As a leading manufacturer of high-end semiconductor fabrication equipment in China, KINGSEMI’s full line-up of products include spin coater/developer, spray coater, scrubber, wet etcher, single-wafer cleaner, and other products, which all can be flexibly customized according to the process requirements of customers.

Established in 2002

140000 square meters in three major factory areas of the company

265 authorized patents

Our products are widely adopted in semiconductor fabrication, advanced packaging, MEMS, LED, OLED, 3D-IC TSV, PV and other applications. Our equipment performance consistently meets and exceeds the requirements of various customers across very different process technology levels. Our latest series of IC manufacturing products can achieve the stringent specifications for 300mm FEOL (Front End of Line) IC fabrication processes, and our packaging products prevail in thick photoresist processes for 300mm advanced packaging applications.

Kingsemi undertook multiple national 02 sciences and technology special projects in the area of "large scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and process". Building on the support of these projects, Kingsemi will focus on accelerating our innovation capability and product manufacturing capacity, winning our customers' trust with reliable products and high-quality services, providing our customers with advanced semiconductor equipment technologies, becoming a leading semiconductor equipment supplier, and boosting industrial technology progress.