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  • Mechanical engineering,Dalian University of Techno
    In July 2014, I just got out of the university and I was fortunate to join Shenyang Xinyuan Company, where I always felt that Xinyuan's responsibility and mission as a domestic semiconductor equipment leader. In the past 4 years, I have participated in the design of high-end package development equipment and the research and development of front-end cleaning equipment. In the work, I have been exposed to the most cutting-edge technology, received comprehensive training, and constantly improved my technical level. I look forward to your joining and witnessing together with us that the core source company has become a world-class enterprise respected by the society and will work tirelessly for it.
    Master of Instrument Science and technology, Beijing University of Technology
    In 2014, I had the honor to join Xinyuan, a company with a vision of becoming a world-class enterprise respected by the society, and to participate in the software design of front-end equipment production. As a cutting-edge and most challenging project, I had the honor to participate in it and to witness its process from design to production commissioning to final delivery. Looking back on the more than 4 years since I came to Xinyuan, from being a beginner to undertaking important work, the design and commissioning of multiple equipment not only gave me the opportunity to fully learn professional knowledge and improve professional skills, but also exercised my ability in communication and coordination between and within departments. Welcome to join Xinyuan, a company that adheres to the concept of "let employees grow together with the company". Here, even if you have just joined the work, you have enough opportunities for learning and experience, to participate in important projects, and to have enough room for personal improvement. We look forward to your participation. Let's do something for domestic semiconductor equipment together.
  • Environmental Science, Nankai University Bachelor
    In July 2013, I was fortunate to be part of the Shenyang Xinyuan family. In the past few years, I have had the honor to witness and participate in the development and process debugging of the first domestically-made full-automatic gum coating and developing machine, which can be applied to 90nm photolithography process, BARC coating and other process processes. After studying hard for more than ten years, I finally succeeded in my studies. This process of successfully transforming the knowledge I have learned to return to society, the country, and parents is the process of self-realization and self-development. Hope everyone can realize their self-worth in Xinyuan, we look forward to you!
    Master of optics, Jilin University
    There is no fixed template for the growth path, but the same thing is that we are all full of fighting spirit and courage. Entering the workplace is a new beginning. In this enlightenment period, meeting Xinyuan is my luckiest thing. Comfortable working environment, rapid growth of tutorial system, and generous salary and benefits. The company is in the rising period of rapid development, and it is the most correct choice to go with Xinyuan. We are a team full of blood and enthusiasm. Here, you will become a better self. We look forward to your participation.

  • Master of Materials Processing Engineering, Dalian University of Technology
    As a process engineer, I have just been employed for more than a year. In this more than a year, what I am most proud of is being able to stand at the top of the industry and become a stronger person. The company has a perfect training system, which provides every new employee with a broad space for development. After I entered the company, I got the opportunity to join the former cleaning machine team. With the guidance of one-on-one tutors and the help of team partners, I made rapid progress. When I found that I could make contributions to the team and the company, I felt full of achievement. We look forward to more partners joining Xinyuan and jointly opening up the world of Xinyuan!

    Bachelor of Automation, Shenyang University of Technology
    As a commissioning engineer, like many newcomers, I didn't know a lot of professional knowledge when I just started working, but my tutor patiently taught me to grow rapidly. In addition to the professional training of the post, we can also voluntarily choose other training courses to improve our core knowledge and ability, such as machinery and management. The rich project practice has given us full experience and provided more directions for our career development. Thank you for choosing Xinyuan two years ago. Thank you for making me a better person!

  • Material Processing Engineering, Harbin Institute
    Some people say: dreams still have to be, what if they come true? Xinyuan is definitely the wing of a dream taking off. There is no such thing as "stepping into the workplace and ideals being wiped out." Some people have excellent corporate culture and humane management. Everyone will help you answer questions you do not understand. In one year, I have a deeper understanding of semiconductor wet process equipment. Starting from customer needs, the ultimate pursuit of equipment functions, and the team's control over details, let me gradually grow. We look forward to joining you for a better future with us.