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KS-CF300/200-8SR Single-wafer scrubber for IC manufacturing

KS-CF300/200-8SR employs a variety of technologies to clean front side, back side, and bevel area of wafer, all within the same equipment. A Two-fluid nozzle is used to efficiently remove both large and fine particles from wafer surface with a high removal rate.

1. Full anti-static piping
2. Minimum number of contact points of reversing unit with wafer
3. All-digital instrumentation and full data logging for easy tracing.
4. Fully optimized wafer transfer path for higher throughput
5. User-friendly GUI and full customization of software according to customer requirements
6. Full factory automation support


● Wafer front-side and back-side cleaning pre and post furnace
● Pre- and post-CVD cleaning
● Pre- and post-PVD cleaning
● Pre- and post-CMP cleaning
● Post dry etching cleaning
● Wafer back-side and bevel cleaning for special processes