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KS-S300-SR Single-wafer scrubber for advanced packaging

KS-S300-SR is designed for wafer-level-packaging and OLED cleaning processes, implementing high and medium pressure jetting, megasonic, two-fluid spray, brush, and other cleaning methods. It can effectively remove particles, organic contamination, metal ions and other impurities on wafer surface, as well as clean of fluoropolymer inside deep TSV holes.

1. Highly-stable liquid pressure to ensure process performance and throughput.
2. Optimized megasonic energy to effectively remove contaminants in deep holes and trenches without damaging the pattern.
3. Tight control of critical process parameters to ensure high consistency.


Removal of particle contamination on wafer surface and removal of fluoropolymer in deep TSV holes for advanced packaging.
Substrate incoming clean, pre-deposition clean, boron and phosphorus clean, and pre-evaporation clean for OLED manufacturing.