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KS-FT200/300 200/300mm coater & developer for IC manufacturing

KS-FT200/300 series high-throughput coater/developer are independently developed by Kingsemi for 28nm and above technology nodes, covering I-line, ArF, KrF, PI, BARC, SOC, SOD, and other materials coating/developing processes. KS-FT200/300 supports both stand-alone and inline operation with many mainstream photolithography tools (scanner). KS-FT200/300 is the first photolithography track entirely developed and manufactured in China. It complies with various industry standards and has been fully certified. Its small footprint, high reliability and serviceability make it suitable for many IC manufacturing processes.

1. High throughput architecture, small footprint
2. Inline operation with various photolithography tools
3. Reduced photoresist consumption for lower CoO
4. Optional high-precision hot plate, WEE, AOI and other functional units for better process control
5. Modular design for flexibility of customization


●Logic device
●CMOS RF device
●Power devices
●System level chip
●Flash memory