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KS-C300 300mm Clustered coater & developer

KS-C300 300mm clustered coater & developer can be used for the coating & developing processes of advanced packaging, MEMS, OLED and other applications, with throughput of >180WPH and reduced CoO (Cost of Ownership). It is compatible with different wafer materials, such as silicon, glass, bonded wafers, compound wafers, etc. The product can be used in logic, memory, CIS, power device, OLED and other applications. The product is semi S2 certified.

1. Capability of ultra-thin wafer processing and ultra-thick photoresist application (coating, development and baking)
2. Optimized design of coater module to avoid common defects of high viscosity photoresist applications
3. Fully-enclosed modules that can be configured flexibly
4. Small footprint and high throughput
5. Capability of handling wafer with large warpage (>5mm)
6. Progressive baking capability


●  packaging
●  MEMS and OLED