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KS-S300-SP spray coater

KS-S300-SP spray coater utilizes ultrasonic applicator to atomize photoresist into tiny droplets so that it can uniformly coat microstructures with high aspect ratio on wafer surface. It offers effective coverage along sidewall and edge of the trenches, avoid trench accumulation and save photoresist. Spray coater is especially beneficial to thin and fragile substrates, which could risk breakage during high-speed rotation if they are spin-coated. This product is widely used in advanced packaging, MEMS manufacturing, and other applicaitons. The product is semi S2 certified.

1. Conical atomization by swirling gas flow, offers excellent step coverage
2. Rotary chuck with heating capability, can effectively save photoresist
3. No wafer motion during spraying, avoid the risk of wafer breakage
4. Nozzle with automatic cleaning function for both internal and external surfaces


● Packaging
● OLED and etc