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[China Science News] Kingsemi: Pioneer of IC Equipment Industry
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On December 19, 2016, China Science News published a feature article about the leading role of Kingsemi Co., Ltd. in the IC assembly industry in Liaoshen area.

General Manager Zong Runfu
With over one patent per capita, it has rapidly grown into a first-class enterprise in the field of domestic integrated circuit (IC) equipment in more than ten years. Kingsemi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shenyang Xinyuan) has embarked on a development path driven by independent innovation.
        In December 2002, the Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Shenyang Institute of Automation) cooperated with the planning of the industrial park in Hunnan District of Shenyang City and initiated the creation of Shenyang Core Source. At the beginning of its establishment, the domestic IC equipment industry was immature and lacked an industrial supply chain and customers. Shenyang Xinyuan became one of the pioneers of the IC equipment industry in the Liaoshen area.
        Recalling the original journey, Zong Runfu, general manager of Shenyang Xinyuan, lamented: "Pioneer often means risk, but we only act as a pioneer to avoid risk. It is the spirit and scientific research of Shenyang Institute of Automation that is" dedication, truth-seeking, collaboration, and innovation " The resilience of dedicated personnel has helped the company survive the initial difficulties and achieve today's performance step by step. "

Innovation finds a way out

      Innovation is an important part of the spirit of the Shenyang Institute of Automation, and independent innovation and good products are the way for Shenyang Xinyuan to seek development.
      Zong Runfu told the China Science News reporter: "Shenyang Xinyuan attaches great importance to innovation and research and spreads the seeds of innovation in the hearts of every employee." Shenyang Xinyuan currently has 210 employees and more than 270 patents. The leading product homogeneous developing equipment is widely used in light-emitting diode (LED), high-end packaging and other fields, and the domestic market share exceeds 40%. "This achievement comes from the investment in scientific research and development and the good atmosphere of independent innovation."
      As an enterprise hatched from Shenyang Automation, technological innovation and tackling difficulties are the original genes of Shenyang Xinyuan. In the early days of the company's establishment, the IC equipment industry has always been dominated by foreign companies, and expensive prices have burdened domestic companies.
      "Shenyang Xinyuan overcomes technical difficulties one by one. While upgrading the whole machine, it focuses on the localization of core components, which reduces product cost and service costs." Zong Runfu said, "The localization of equipment not only improves Shenyang core The competitiveness of the source has also reduced the cost of the customer, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the customer and the industry. In fact, it has driven the industry's processing capacity and played an exemplary role. "
      Today, China's IC equipment industry has formed a three-legged situation in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenyang. Among them, the development of Shenyang's IC equipment industry benefits from pioneering companies such as Shenyang Xinyuan.
Form a positive cycle
      Reviewing the development process, Zong Runfu pointed out that Shenyang Xinyuan used its own advantages to seize two opportunities and successfully ranked among the top in the domestic IC equipment field. He said: "Since Shenyang Automation is a holding company, Shenyang Xinyuan has a good social image and high technology starting point. It also has a natural foundation of trust with local governments, and cooperation has gone smoothly. These have laid the foundation for the company to seize opportunities."
      In 2009, the LED market showed an explosive trend. Due to the low technical threshold and low investment of LED products, Shenyang Xinyuan seized the opportunity to enter this area. From 2010 to 2011, Shenyang Xinyuan grew rapidly and its annual sales reached 50 million yuan, thus becoming a healthy development enterprise.
      In addition, driven by the Shenyang Automation Institute, Shenyang Xinyuan participated in major national science and technology projects, so that the company entered a new stage of development. In 2008, Shenyang Xinyuan and several Chinese Academy of Sciences joint-stock enterprises jointly applied for the national major science and technology project, and began to undertake the development and industry of the national major science and technology project "bump package adhesive development, monolithic wet etching equipment" in December 2008 ", And was allocated 37 million yuan. In March 2012, Shenyang Xinyuan applied for the national major science and technology special project "300mm wafer homogeneous developing equipment research and development" obtained project approval and received funding support of 87 million yuan.
      "The support of major national science and technology projects has allowed the company to seize the opportunity of this rising industry and better invest in scientific research, laboratory construction, international cooperation, etc. Through the industrialization of achievements, some new products including high-end packaging Going to the market, the company's development has formed a positive cycle. "Zong Runfu sincerely thanks Shenyang Automation.

Do good multiplication and win-win
In 2013, core source sales exceeded 100 million yuan, reaching 160 million yuan in 2014, and is expected to reach 200 million yuan in 2016. A small-scale company can have such a performance, and cooperate with the company to advocate a win-win situation, forming a multiplication effect is inseparable. Zong Runfu said: "We have to do not only addition but also multiplication."
      The interaction between the company and the company contributed to the company's early start. Shenyang Xinyuan cooperated with Shenyang Automation Institute and its holding company Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., Shenyang Zhongkebo Micro Automation Technology Co., Ltd. and other units to shorten the development cycle. In expanding overseas markets, Shenyang Xinyuan also exerts its spirit of being good at multiplication. In Taiwan, Shenyang Xinyuan cooperated with agents in a spirit of mutual benefit to open up the market.
      Doing multiplication is also reflected in "one development, multiple applications". This view was put forward by Academician Jiang Xinsong, former director of Shenyang Automation, 30 years ago. Shenyang Xinyuan inherited this tradition, deeply cultivated product quality, and standardized products laid the foundation for multiple applications and business development.
      In September 2016, the 500th equipment designed and produced by Shenyang Xinyuan was shipped out, creating a new development milestone.
    Source: China Science News (2016-12-19 6th Edition)